40% Novelty Keycaps

$5.00 - $8.00
On sale
40% Novelty Keycaps

Novelty keycaps with the 40% Keyboards Discord server logo.

If buying 4 or more, use code "4for4caps" at checkout for a $4 discount!

The 2x2u POS cap sits on 4 switches, and does not use stabs.

Double-shot ABS
DSA profile
Produced by Signature Plastics
Colors: NN (Black), WA (White), and YCB (Gold/Yellow).

Color options for the 2x2u caps are:
Gold on Black (GoB)
Black on White (BoW)
White on Black (WoB)
Gold on White (GoW)

Color options for the 1u caps are:
Gold on Black (GoB)
Black on White (BoW)

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