QAZpad PCB Only

  • QAZpad PCB Only
  • QAZpad PCB Only
  • QAZpad PCB Only
  • QAZpad PCB Only

This is the PCB for the QAZpad keyboard.

QAZpad is a QAZ-esque board with a 3x4 number pad. Measuring in at 13.25 units wide, this board has the most compact staggered layout to include a number pad.

The PCB has an integrated Atmega32u4 microcontroller and is pre-flashed with Vial firmware. Use the Vial GUI, available here, to configure your keymap, combos, macros, and QMK settings.

The board has support for southpaw with the number pad on left-hand side, perfect for data entry and space saving. Bottom row options include 2u 0's on either side of both numpads, split spacebars, and 6.25u bars in 3 locations. Or even go full-stagger, omitting the numpad to fit more punctuation, for a unique 40s experience.

The possible layouts are detailed in this KLE.

Plates are available here.

Skeleton Kit Bases and Hardware are available here.

Encoders are supported in the bottom corners, and you can use both at the same time to do different things. The encoder is a standard EC-11, and fits in the place of a switch, so the knob diameter must be 19mm of less. You can pick up encoders and knobs here for your convenience.

You can put this PCB into an acrylic stacked case available here from

The plates from the FR4 Skeleton kit are drop-in compatible with the acrylic cases from

The build guide and files to print your own midlayer is here:
QAZpad GitHub

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