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NoahK 3x3 Macropad

$17.00 - $37.00
  • NoahK 3x3 Macropad
  • NoahK 3x3 Macropad
  • NoahK 3x3 Macropad

A simple 3x3 macropad. Compatible with MX-style switches, and running an Atmega32u4 pre-flashed with Vial firmware, this QMK-compatible board is just what you need to compliment your daily driver.

Picture Gallery, Code, and Vial .hex available at []
Download Vial to configure your 3x3 Macropad: []

Unlimited Group Buy with a super short 3-week lead time. Group Buy ends August 22nd, expected shipping mid-September.

Optionally, this board is available assembled and soldered. Switch type and keycap colors are random, but requests are welcome, just leave a message on your order or reach out on Discord.

Things you can bind to your macropad:
Function Keys
Nav Cluster
Mini Numpad
Passwords (don't do this)
Discord Emojis
Email Signatures

3D printed cases available in black only. Rubber feet included with case.

Soldered only, NOT HOTSWAP.
(Note that the bottom-left and bottom-center switches are north-facing.)

See [] for QMK code and case STL.

Visit [] to join the Discord Server

Harmonization# 8471.60.2000