Monorail Keyboard Kit Extras

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Monorail Keyboard Kit Extras

The affordable V4N and Minivan kit that you have been waiting for has arrived!
This Skeleton Kit is easy to assemble (no soldering needed) and sports a variety of layouts and mounting options.

Europe Vendor: Keeb.Supply
UK Vendor:

Hull mount (four 10mm standoffs on outer edges) yields maximum typing flex and a softer typing feel.
Remove the four Hull mount points by snapping them off, and use the Minivan-case-compatible Tray-mount locations for a sturdy assembly and a traditional stiff feel.
Further, remove the half-numrow for a traditional 4-row Minivan form factor, utilizing either Hull or Tray mounting styles.

You can upgrade your build down the road with any available Tray-mount, Hull-mount, or V4N case. The Hybrid plate included in this skeleton kit is drop-in compatible with many existing and future V4N and Minivan cases.

There are 3 layout options, each has a separate PCB and Plate:
Here is a KLE of the layouts

Each Kit includes:
- 1x Hotswap Monorail V2 PCB
- 1x Hybrid Monorail Plate
- 1x Monorail Skeleton Base
- 3x Red LEDs
- 8x 5mm standoffs
- 4x 10mm standoffs
- 24x M2x4mm screws
- 6x Bumpon feet

What you need:
- Philips Screwdriver
- 52x MX-compatible switches
- 1.6mm PCB-mount Stabilizers
- Keycaps

Build Guide and Firmware Source: